Notes on Foxall's Foundry (later Columbia Foundry)

Reference in C&O Canal Companion: Mile 1.5

The location of "Mr. Foxall's Works" is shown in this detail
from Benjamin Latrobe's 1802
Plans and sections
of the proposed continuation of the Canal at the Little Falls
of Potomak to the Navy Yard in the city of Washington
(Library of Congress, Geography and Maps Division)

Detail from a turn-of-the-(20th)century photograph showing the buildings
of the foundry, which may have been abandoned at the time.
Note the canal boat moored along the riverbank. (Library of Congress)


  • The Old Cannon Foundry Above Georgetown, D.C., and its First Owner, Henry Foxall, Madison Davis, Records of the Columbia Historical Society, Volume 11
  • The Foxall-Columbia Foundry: An Early Defense Contractor in Georgetown, Louis F. Gorr, Records of the Columbia Historical Society, 1971-72.






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